Vending Machines

Japan is a place you will never have to go far without finding a beverage of some sort. There a number of various alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages one can enjoy, and they are not far from where one is staying. Even if the local grocer or convenience store is closed, you can purchase your favorite beverage from a vending machine.

Japanese Vending Machines

Japanese Vending Machines

Jidou-han-baiki (自動販売機 – じどうはんばいき), the Japanese word for vending machine, are plentiful and seem to appear on every corner.  These machines carry almost every drink imaginable, from beer, canned coffee (hot or cold), soda and various types of tea (hot or cold.)

Soft drinks make up a good portion of a jidou-han-baiki‘s inventory.  Along with the typical Western cola’s, you’ll find Japanese made soft drinks including milk tea, which is a sweetened black tea mixed with milk (served hot or cold), and fruit flavored based carbonated beverages.  And for the weary and health conscious, these machines carry eiyou or vitamin drinks.

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