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  • Effective Scope of Terms of Use

    The effectiveness and scope of these terms of use applies to all information stored on the server and information called “content”. Their may be times when a different term of use may be displayed based on a particular place in the web site. In the event that a contradiction between this policy and the content displayed in this website exits, the latter takes precedence.

  • Copyright

    This web site and its content are protected by copyright laws of each country, their treaties and other applicable laws. You validate that you are the owner of the content including any images, photos, drawings, etc. that you upload to this web site. You grant 4Japan.Info and the owner of this web site unlimited rights to use the content for the sole purpose of displaying it in the web site, any syndication of the content and to promote this web site and any services offered through the web site or in conjunction with any 4Japan.Info event.

    The Superior Design company name, this web site and any of its products displayed in this web site are copyright protected. You may not use copyrighted items without the express written consent from Superior Design except where exempt by law.

  • Use of Content

    The use (e.g. reproduce, modify, develop, reprint, electronically alter, transmit, distribute, secondary use, any other acts relating to these) of any content exceeding the range of what is described in this policy and based on laws governing individual use is not permitted without express written consent from Superior Design.
    The following rules to use any of the content displayed in this web site apply if you receive approval from Superior Design:

    (1)You must include the email address Superior Design provides with your approval in the content that is used.
    (2)You must display the Superior Design copyright notification with the information.
    (3)You must follow the conditions described in the approval set by Superior Design.

    Even if you receive approval according to these rules, it does not allow you to grant the same right to a third party to use content from this site. Superior Design can still prohibit the use of any content even if you are granted a right to use such content.

  • Linking to this Web Site

    You must include a link to this page in order to link to this web site.

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    Any software, data and accompanying documentation offered through this site by Superior Design and 3rd parties must be used in accordance with applicable laws. You must follow the information describing how to use software offered through/on this site if you download any software offered through/on this site. There is no guaranty and/or warranty for software downloaded through/on this site. You assume full responsibility for any damage caused by your download and/or use of the software.

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    This web site was designed to display on the following browsers:
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    Superior Design has validated the contents of this web site to operate in these browsers, however their may be some occasions where it may not display properly and Superior Design can not guarantee the validity of what is displayed.

  • Prohibited Actions

    The following actions are prohibited on this web site.

    (1) Threatening acts or actions that destroy the privacy of third parties and/or Superior Design.
    (2) Threatening acts or acts for the purpose of causing damage to a third party and/or Superior Design.
    (3) Threatening acts or acts of indecency.
    (4) Acts of slander, defamation of character or trust.
    (5) Acts of false submission, reporting and/or registering another person’s email address.
    (6) Acts that offer or use programs that contain computer virus’.
    (7) Acts with the goal of commercializing or conducting business, or preparing to do such.
    (8) Illegal acts and acts relating to illegal activity, or threatening acts.
    (9) Other illegal acts and threatening actions.
    (10) Other acts not suitable and representative of Superior Design and this web site.
  • No Warranty/No Guarantee

    If you use content from this site, you indemnify Superior Design and any third parties from damage regarding the content displayed in this site. Superior Design does not guarantee the following:

    (1) The accuracy, usefulness and completeness of the content.
    (2) The occurrence of a use error condition that will disable this site.

    Superior Design can delete and/or change content without notice. And this site in entirety or partly can be temporarily disabled or taken off line without notice. Superior Design assumes no responsibility for damages to users of this web site if it is temporarily or permanently disabled or content is deleted or modified.

  • Changes to this Policy

    Please understand that this policy can be changed without notice. The content from links to and from this web site and to and from third party web sites is managed by various individuals and companies. Superior Design does not take responsibility for damages occurring from these links to/from this web site. Even if this web site links to these other web sites for the convenience of our customers and readers, it does not mean that Superior Design recommends these services, published products and web sites. Additionally, links to these sites do not necessarily mean that Superior Design has a special relationship such as an association or cooperative effort with these third parties.

  • Legal Jurisdiction

    Interpretation of this policy and the web site is based on Japanese law. All disputes related to the use of this web site will be resolved in a Tokyo court of law.

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