Privacy Policy

4Japan.Info acknowledges the importance of any customer’s personal information used to access this web site. The following principles govern our privacy policy for the enforcement and complete management of personal information privacy.

  1. In the event you use this web site, you understand that you agree to this policy.
  2. Personal Information

    Personal information with respect to this policy includes particular personal information, work related information, contact information, investment information, items or services purchased, telephone number, email address, home/business address, full name, and other information obtained through this web site.

  3. Acquiring Personal Information

    3.1 As a principle, 4Japan.Info does not record your personal information when you are referencing this site.
    3.2 If you are using a service listed below offered through this web site, your personal information will be obtained.
    (1) Registering a product.
    (2) Use of a product or service.
    (3) Registering to participate in an event, seminar, etc.
    (4) Registering for an online magazine or mailing list.
    (5) Downloading of software.
    (6) Other inquiries.

  4. Deletion, Modification and Inquiring of Personal Information

    Personal information may at any time be deleted, modified or inquired. Please contact 4Japan.Info in the event that you do not wish to have your personal contact information used, or wish to delete, notify or inquire about your own personal information. 4Japan.Info respects your peace of mind, and we will act quickly in a suitable manner within reason from the point of confirming the content of the information in question.

  5. Use of Personal Information

    5.1 Personal information obtained is mainly used for the following reasons:
    (1) to offer services as described in 3.2.
    (2) to create materials for this web site based on your needs.
    (3) to offer information relating to new services.
    Please contact us to clarify how your personal information is used for other reasons besides these.
    5.2 4Japan.Info will not use personal information for purposes not stated above, except under the following:
    (1) with a customer’s consent.
    (2) in cases where the information can not be distinguished as personal.

  6. Disclosure of Personal Information

    4Japan.Info will not disclose to any third party any personal information obtained from you, except under the following:
    (1) with a customer’s consent.
    (2) in the event that all or a part of 4Japan.Info is taken over through merger, acquisition or means of separation.
    (3) in the event that it is necessary to provide to industry organizations or related companies with which we have a confidentiality agreement, in order to meet requests made by you.
    (4) in the event it is urgently necessary to disclose due to an impending danger to life or assets.
    (5) in the event it is necessary to disclose by law based on a formal Department of Justice investigation.

  7. Appropriately Managing Personal Information

    7.1 4Japan.Info implements all possible measures to prevent the unauthorized access to, loss of, breach of, and modification of personal information obtained through this web site.
    7.2 In the event that your personal information is entrusted to another entity for deletion, 4Japan.Info will responsibly implement suitable administrative measures to insure personal information is not resold or leaked.

  8. Personal Information of Minors (below 13 years of age)

    Minors (those below 13 years of age) must secure the permission of their parent or guardian to submit personal information.

  9. Use of Cookies

    9.1 This web site uses tracking techniques such as cookies. Cookies are a way to manage and accumulate data about a user’s browser in order to distinguish and manage user access. Some of this web site’s pages can offer appropriate services on a user’s subsequent visits and recognize the browser the user is using.
    9.2 User’s can display a warning when a cookie is being created and when to refuse it based on their browser settings. There are times when this feature is not used.
    9.3 This web site collects data which records access information for each page. Log data includes the assessor’s domain name, IP address, browser type, and URL being accessed. This information is used for statistical analysis related to web site maintenance and use. It is not limited to be disclosed by law based on a formal Department of Justice investigation. Additionally, collected data statistically organized can be published. This does not include specific personal information obtained by users of this web site.

  10. Legal and Guideline Observance

    4Japan.Info observes applicable laws related to personal information. 4Japan.Info tries to continually improve and review this policy while observing the standards and applicable law for gathering personal information.

  11. Modification of this Policy

    Please understand that this policy will be modified as we continually review results along with changes in other standards and the law.

  12. Applicable Exceptions

    4Japan.Info does not assume all responsibility for the safe protection of a user’s personal information or links to this web site.

  13. Other

    For more information about this policy, contact the web site administrator (

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