Making and Serving Green Tea

There is more to making and serving green tea than just boiling water and pouring it into a pot. The grade of green tea and the temperature of the water are inversely proportional. Better grades of tea require a lower temperature for the hot water used to infuse it.

Follow these steps to make delicious green tea:

  1. Boil filtered or mineral water at the temperatures described in the Types of Green Tea table.
  2. Pour the boiled water into each tea cup for about a minute to warm the cup.
  3. Pour the water from each tea cup into the teapot and let stand for 1 – 2 minutes. Keep in mind that the longer it stands, the bitter the taste.
  4. Pour equal portions from the teapot into each tea cup.
  5. Repeat from step 3 if more is required.

Green Tea Containers

Storing green tea is just as important as making it. Consider storing green tea in specially made containers, like that shown on the right. Place the mouse cursor over the picture to display another container, and click on the image to display more information about this type of container.  Humidity and moisture can ruin the flavor of green tea, so follow these tips to keep green tea at it’s best:

  1. Always return opened tea bags to a tightly sealed container to keep moisture out.
  2. Refrigerating the tea in the container enhances the moisture removal.
  3. Use green tea within one month of being opened.

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