Japanese Home Cooking

Japanese home cooking is called kateiryorikateiryori means home cooking.
Japanese spelling is かていりょうり and the Kanji for this word is 家庭料理.
and can take alot of work to prepare, but what is served in a restaurant isn’t always the same thing served at home.  Using the right cooking tools, you can easily make about any type of Japanese food at home, and it sure is a healthy diet.

Japanese Cooking Equipment

electric rice cooker

electric rice cooker

There are a number of cooking utensils and equipment used to make delicious Japanese food.  This section describes this equipment, where you can purchase it and what to look for when buying.

The most important thing in cooking home style Japanese food is a rice cooker.  There are 2 ways to cook rice, one is to use a pan of boiling water, but a more convenient way is to use a rice cooker.  This picture shows an electronically automated cooker that can be set the night before so you have delicious rice ready to eat when you wake up.

electric water heater

electric water heater

Another convenient item found in most Japanese homes is an electric water heater or yuwakashiki.  This insures that you have hot water at just the right temperature to make delicious green tea, at any time.

Additionally you may find the following items useful:

  1. otoshibuta – a dropped lid specifically designed to simmer food.
  2. mushiki – woven basket used to steam food.
  3. fukin – a small towel used to wipe the table.
  4. suribachi – a grinding bowl.
  5. yanagiba – a willow blade knife.
  6. nakiribōchō – a vegetable cutting cleaver.
  7. debabōchō – a bladed knife.
  8. kodebabōchō – a small protruding bladed knife.

The interesting thing that distinguishes Japanese cutting knives from other culture’s knives is that the blade is sharpened on the right side only and polished on the left side.

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