Using the Passive Form in Japanese

It is always tough trying to figure out which form of Japanese to use especially when you are trying to use the passive form. I was trying convey in an email “Their were topics such as ecology and healthcare discussed in other meetings at the business summit.” At first, my Japanese colleague misunderstood me thinking I wanted to say “I discussed…”, which would use the form simashita しました or in polite 警護(けいご)would be itashimashita 致しました(いたしました), however, I really wanted to say “It was discussed.” so after much clarification my colleague corrected it using ukemikei 受身形(うけみけい)which is the passive form changing it sarete orimashita されておりました.

So the correct sentence would be Samitt ni hoka no kaigi de iryou, eco nado giron sarete orimasita or as written in Japanese サミットに他の会議で医療、エコなど議論されておりました (サミットにほかのかいぎでいりょう、えこなどぎろんされておりました)。

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