Honorific Japanese for Business – Abbreviations for Organizations

English refers to the name of an organization using the actual name or the organization type like “your company, your school, your university, your hospital” etc. while abbreviations or abbreviated references in Japanese can be pretty complex to use and remember especially when it comes to using honorific speech/writing called keigo 敬語(けいご). So here is a table to help you with using the correct form of the word for organizations when speaking and writing in Japanese:

Basic rule is use on when speaking and ki when writing.
Organization Type Spoken Japanese Written Japanese
Publicy traded company like a corporation onsha 御社(おんしゃ) kisha 貴社(きしゃ)
Bank onkou 御行(おんこう) kikou 貴行(きこう)
School onkou 御校(おんこう) kikou 貴校(きこう)
University/College kigaku 貴学(きがく) kigaku 貴学(きがく)
Kindergarden onen 御園(おんえん) kien 貴園(きえん)
Hospital n/a kiiin 貴院(きいん)
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