Japanese Contract Terminology – Naming Parties in the Contract

Contracts written in English will refer to the first and second party by indicating in quotation marks the word to refer to them throughout the remainder of the contract. For example,
These terms and conditions are entered into by and between NAME OF BUYER  hereby known as the “Buyer” and NAME OF SELLER hereby known as the “Seller”.
Japanese contracts use the terms kou 甲(コウ)and  otsu 乙(オツ)in a similar fashion to refer to each party. It does not necessarily matter which one is used for the buyer or the seller.  When additional parties are mentioned in the contract the 3rd and 4th, for example, are referred to as hei 丙(ヘイ)and tei 丁(テイ).
Continuing to the 5th and higher would use bo 戊(ボ), ko 己(コ), kyo 庚(キョウ), shin 辛(シン), jin 壬(ジン),  and ki 癸(キ).
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